Weight Management

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weight management weight control cork weight loss clinicWeight Management – Learn the eating behaviours of a naturally slim person and lose the excess weight easily with gastric band hypnosis.

Weight management is all about maintaining your ideal weight once you get there, so learning to eat and behave today as if you are already at your ideal weight makes complete sense. If you’d like to finally achieve weight management and end those weight problems forever, this article shows you how….

Weight Management

Sensible weight management involves a couple of golden rules

  • Three small meals every day at regular intervals
  • Drink two litres of water each day (eight 250ml glasses at regular intervals)
  • 30 minutes of brisk exercise each day
  • Eating slowly and consciously
  • Dealing with emotions without food

No More Diets!

yo-yo dieting diets meal replacement productsYo-yo dieting actually damages your metabolism. Most people don’t understand what this means. Your metabolism is quite simply your body’s ability to burn fat. Perhaps the best example to use to describe this is to imagine a boiler stove – the more you stoke the fire, the hotter it gets and the more heat gets emitted into the room, the more heat gets generated for your rads, and the more hot water it produces, so it’s operating quite efficiently. When you yo-yo diet, you are gradually putting out your fire – it’s as simple as that!

So how about you decide right now never to diet again? Instead, how about you decide to finally begin to incorporate those naturally slim eating behaviours into your daily routine and just stick with them until they become habits. When those new eating behaviours become habits, they become a normal part of your daily life and you don’t even have to think about it anymore. That’s when you are really achieving optimum weight management.

Meal Replacement Products

meal replacement products shakes bars dieting dietIf you would like to become a brain surgeon, you’d probably learn from a brain surgeon, right? If you’d like to become a mechanic, you’d probably learn from a mechanic, right? So, you want to be a naturally slim person for the rest of your life, right? Ask yourself how many naturally slim people you know that eat meal replacement bars, meal replacement shakes, etc., etc.?

Make no mistake about it, those diet clinics that offer these type of products are not genuinely interested in helping you to lose weight. What they are really interested in doing is helping themselves to your cash by telling you that you have to buy these products. Sensible weight management for the rest of your life leaves no place for any of these products.

Remember, meal replacement products

  • DO NOT teach you how to eat like a naturally slim person
  • DO NOT teach you that it’s not alright to deprive yourself
  • DO NOT teach you weight management skills
  • are made in a factory and include ingredients that you are not familiar with
  • give you an easy option, an easy way out

Weight Management With Hypnosis

hypnosis weight loss hypnoband weight management cork weight loss clinicLearning those naturally slim eating behaviours – the golden rules I referred to above – takes commitment. Hypnosis makes it so much easier. The HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis programme powerfully convinces your subconscious mind that you have a gastric band fitted to your stomach which helps you to eat less and feel fuller faster.


I offer a FREE ASSESSMENT which is a one hour meeting where we discuss the problem in great detail. We fill out a four page Health & Lifestyle questionnaire examining where the problem started, how you specifically overeat, what are your emotional triggers, etc. Also, during the free assessment, I’ll explain what happens in each of the five sessions and what you can expect. I’ll answer any questions you have and explain how you’ll enjoy how hypnosis makes it much simpler to achieve weight management for the rest of your life.

When you are ready to arrange your FREE ASSESSMENT, click the image below NOW!

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About Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master EFT Practitioner who was the first person to bring the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis weight loss method to Ireland. He has a keen interest in the area of weight loss having lost a significant amount of weight himself and also because of his keen interest in food and nutrition. Paul is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent, and Red FM (Cork)