Weight Loss Tips

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Naturally slim people have some interesting habits that it would be wise to take note of in your desire to lose weight. Remember, losing weight does not have to be really difficult. It can be fun changing old habits into new, healthy ones. Here are some of the best weight loss tips I have come across that I now use daily.

Weight Loss Tips

Tip No. 1 – WATER

Get into the habit of drinking 2 litres of water every day. To help you do this buy a sports water bottle and keep it with you at all times (car, at work, etc.) Set up a couple of reminders on your phone for different times of the day – maybe one at 11am to check if you’ve consumed 500ml yet, another at 1pm to remind you that you should have consumed 1 litres by now, etc.


Always have breakfast. 95% of overweight people skip breakfast regularly, so from today make yourself a promise that you will always have a breakfast. Don’t accept any excuses from yourself – telling yourself you don’t have enough time, etc. Make time.

Tip No. 3 – 3 SMALL MEALS

Your body only needs three small meals a day. If you have been skipping meals, vow immediately never to do that again. Every time you skip a meal or allow too long to elapse in between eating, you can slow your metabolism which means that your body is more likely to put on weight. Keeping your metabolism ticking over by eating regularly means you’ll burn fat more efficiently.


When you eat too quickly your body hasn’t enough time to send the “full” signal to your brain. If you don’t believe me, try it out. This evening, try eating slowly and consciously and notice if you feel fuller quicker.


Unless there is some medical problem why you cannot exercise, get off your behind and get out in the fresh air and go for a nice brisk walk. The funny thing is, when you return, you’ll realise you really enjoyed it.

Turning Tips Into Habits

Imagine if you could turn all of these weight loss tips into habits so that you did each of these things every day for the rest of your life. Losing weight and achieving your ideal weight is not rocket science. It just takes a little time to turn these into habits. It takes approximately 28 days to form a new habit. That means that, for example, if you exercise each day for 28 days, it then becomes a habit that you no longer have to force yourself to do, or constantly remind yourself to do – it then becomes a habit which will be difficult to break.

Need A Little Bit More Help?

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About Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master EFT Practitioner who was the first person to bring the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis weight loss method to Ireland. He has a keen interest in the area of weight loss having lost a significant amount of weight himself and also because of his keen interest in food and nutrition. Paul is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent, and Red FM (Cork)