CLIENT TESTIMONIALS – CORK (Please not that in order to protect our clients confidentiality and privacy, names have been altered here on the website. All of these testimonials are 100% genuine and are available to view in our offices.

Kate (6 Stone To Lose)

Hello Paul, you asked me for an update at the end of the summer. Well I'm down 49lbs (3 1/2 stone) as of today. I'm still going strong. The only problem I've had is the weight loss plateau's which can be a bit frustrating but with your advice, I've gotten through them. Other than that, I'm going to the gym 4 times a week and walking two days a week. I don't have a problem with eating any more and I'm feeling much fitter thanks to you.

Kate O'T., Douglas, Cork.

Teresa (7 Stone To Lose)

During one of the HYPNOBAND sessions, I discovered that there was a lot of bottled-up grief which was stopping me losing weight. Once that was dealt with, I felt so much lighter already. It was like a weight had lifted and I was now free to lose weight. I find it funny now that I feel a little flutter in my stomach muscles every so often that reminds me I have my HYPNOBAND fitted. I’ve already lost 3 stone and it was so easy. You’ve changed my life and I am so grateful. I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever lose weight.

Teresa O'B, Bandon, Co. Cork

Yvonne, (5 Stone To Lose)

HYPNOBAND has changed my life. I am just back from holidays. It’s been five weeks since I originally came to see you and I’ve lost 14lbs already. I am thrilled.

Yvonne N., Mitchelstown, Co. Cork


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