How To Lose Weight

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How To Lose Weight – If you are one of the many who have tried lots of diets, programmes, etc., you may be wondering just how to lose weight. Many of my clients would have tried fad diets, meal replacement products, slimming clubs and various other weight loss methods. Now they may have lost weight for a while but many have put it all back on again and have been left feeling frustrated and as if they have failed again.

The Secret To Weight Loss

The ultimate secret to long-term sustainable weight loss is quite simple – eat and behave like a naturally slim person does. So, if for instance, you weight 15 stone and your ideal chosen weight is 10 stone, if you eat and behave as if you are already 10 stone right now, then you just have to lose weight. You can’t help but lose weight. Simple! This is how to lose weight and maintain the weight loss for the rest of your life.

While it may seem simple to explain it like that, many people need help to make that change from how they eat right now to how they would eat if they were at their ideal weight. That’s where the HYPNOBAND programme is so successful – in showing you exactly how to lose weight.

The HYPNOBAND Programme

HYPNOBAND is the name for gastric band hypnosis. This is a programme of five sessions of hypnotherapy.

Here is a breakdown of what happens during each of the sessions.

  • SESSION ONE – Using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques, we challenge all of those emotional reasons that you overeat and find newer and better ways of resolving emotions without food. We also introduce you to hypnosis and the perfect image of you at your ideal weight, and also boost your motivation to exercise.
  • SESSION TWO – Using hypnotherapy techniques such as timeline, ego state therapy and age regression, we tackle the root causes of your emotional associations with food and boost your self-image.
  • SESSION THREE – Using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques, we associate good feelings with healthy food choices and change your attraction to food type that you choose (eg. chocolate, crisps, etc.). We also prepare you for surgery and you get to meet your surgeon, your anaesthetist and your nurse.
  • SESSION FOUR – This is your surgery session where you’ll smell the smell of antiseptic in my office, you’ll hear the sounds of hospital monitors as you are in hypnosis and your subconscious mind will be convinced that you are actually having a gastric band operation which will help you to eat less and feel fuller faster.
  • SESSION FIVE – One month after your surgery session, we’ll do an adjustment session. This is where we will loosen or tighten the band to allow you eat more or less, depending on your weight loss experience during the previous month


I offer a FREE ASSESSMENT session. Typically, this lasts for one hour and it’s a face-to-face meeting where we’ll discuss in detail your weight problem and it’s origins. Here’s what happens during that FREE ASSESSMENT

  • We’ll fill out a detailed HYPNOBAND Weight & Lifestyle Questionnaire – you’ll provide me with details of your childhood eating patterns, what you were told as a child about food, your current eating behaviours and your current lifestyle.
  • We’ll assess your BMI (your Body Mass Index)
  • We’ll assess your BMR (your Basal Metabolic Rate – how many calories per day you need in order to maintain your current weight and also how many calories you need in order to achieve and maintain your ideal weight)
  • We’ll assess your suitability for the HYPNOBAND proramme.
  • You get to ask me any questions you may have about hypnosis, about HYPNOBAND, and about what you can expect in the weeks and months ahead.

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About Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master EFT Practitioner who was the first person to bring the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis weight loss method to Ireland. He has a keen interest in the area of weight loss having lost a significant amount of weight himself and also because of his keen interest in food and nutrition. Paul is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent, and Red FM (Cork)