How Do I Lose Weight

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The biggest challenge an overweight person has is “how do I lose weight?”. There are so many “quick-fixes” out there – diets that promise you fast weight loss, eating meal replacement products, etc, etc. If you’ve asked yourself that question – how do I lose weight? – then this article contains the common-sense advice you’ve been waiting for.

How Do I Lose Weight?

STEP ONE – Set Your Goal

Most people start off with a very vague idea that they must do something about their excess weight and they throw themselves in at the deep end, cutting out everything they used to like on Day One, torturing themselves for as long as they can stand it (typically nothing more than a couple of weeks maximum), and then finally give in and admit failure. The main reason for this is that they don’t have a CLEAR GOAL. I’m not sure if this reminds you of yourself in the past, but it certainly reminds me of how I used to be.

For most people, they just set the WRONG GOAL. They may set themselves a goal of losing (for example) three stone. This is actually interpreted by their mind as “ok, I’ll deprive myself of lots of foods I like until I reach that goal and then I can go back to all my old eating habits”.

So, this time, why don’t you just set the CORRECT GOAL to learn the eating behaviours that will help you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight for the rest of your life. This takes all the pressure off the weighing scales and focusses your attention instead on just learning new, healthier behaviours. This means there is no success or failure – just persisting with the rather easy task of learning a new behaviour. Weight loss happens as a side effect of learning the new behaviours! Compare this to learning how to drive – wasn’t that relatively simple? You just committed yourself to it and practiced until you got it right.

If you’ve been asking yourself “How Do I Lose Weight?” – you have the answer right there!

STEP TWO – Learn The Eating Behaviours Of Naturally Slim People

If you’d like to be a brain surgeon, who would you learn from? Well it’d probably be a good idea to learn from a brain surgeon, wouldn’t it? If you’d like to become a mechanic it makes sense to learn from a mechanic, doesn’t it? And if you want to be naturally slim for the rest of your life, then it just makes sense to learn from naturally slim people.

Naturally slim people do not use food to comfort themselves (eg. to overcome stress, to relieve boredom, etc.). To a naturally slim person food is just fuel! It’s just the stuff that gets converted into energy to get us through the day. That’s all. And your goal is to learn those eating behaviours of naturally slim people so that you can live the rest of your life as a naturally slim person.

STEP THREE – Take Action

As a colleague of mine likes to say to her clients “if you want to see change in your life, something must change” – in other words, you have to actually do something. Naturally slim people eat three small meals a day, drink 2 litres of water every day and take 30 minutes of exercise every day. And you could just sit there thinking about that – or you could begin to make changes right now!

How Do I Lose Weight? – HYPNOBAND!

HYPNOBAND is the world’s No. 1 gastric band hypnotherapy programme. Gastric band hypnosis helps you to lose weight by

  • Focussing you on all of the positive, desireable benefits of being naturally slim
  • Powerfully boosting your motivation to exercise
  • Installing new naturally slim eating behaviours
  • Changing your automatic responses to emotional triggers that used to cause you to overeat
  • Changing your liking for certain foods – (eg. chocolate, takeaways, etc.)
  • Convincing your subconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted which helps you to eat less and feel fuller faster.


I offer a FREE ASSESSMENT which determines your suitability for the HYPNOBAND programme. We’ll work through a four page health and lifestyle questionnaire, discuss the reasons your weight problem began, calculate your BMI and set a target date for you to achieve your ideal weight. I’ll explain the HYPNOBAND programme in detail and answer any questions you may have about the process. To arrange your FREE ASSESSMENT, simply click the image below.

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    About Paul Hunter

    Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master EFT Practitioner who was the first person to bring the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis weight loss method to Ireland. He has a keen interest in the area of weight loss having lost a significant amount of weight himself and also because of his keen interest in food and nutrition. Paul is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent, and Red FM (Cork)