Chocolate Addiction

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comfort eating cork weight control motivationChocolate, for some people, can be highly addictive. More and more people are realising that they actually have a chocolate addiction, and that they just have to have chocolate each day, sometimes in quantities that many of us would find astonishing. This article will help you to understand what a chocolate addiction actually is, and how you can free yourself from an addiction to chocolate.

Chocolate Addiction – Is It Real?

To the person who believes they are a chocoholic, it is very real. Scientific evidence would point to there being a real doubt that there is anything physically addictive about chocolate. Therefore, the real addiction is in your mind. Psychological addiction happens as a result of association – so in other words, you may associate good, desireable feelings with the consumption of chocolate. So lets just take an example – lets say that the good, desireable feeling is to relax. When chocolate becomes associated with relaxing, your unconscious mind (that part of your mind that looks after emotional responses), can believe that it is impossible to relax without chocolate. That’s happened because your unconscious mind just doesn’t have another way to relax but once it is taught that there are better alternatives, a “chocolate addiction” can often melt away.

Chocolate And Serotonin

When we eat sweet things, such as chocolate, cakes, biscuits, etc., or foods with a vey high fat content, such as fried foods, chips, batter burgers, etc., we release more serotonin into the bloodstream. The lack of serotonin is most often discussed in relation to depression, and you would probably have heard a so-called “chocolate addict” saying that they were feeling a bit down and they just wanted chocolate. Have you ever bought a bar of chocolate to “cheer yourself up”? Well the problem is – it does actually cheer you up by releasing that serotonin into your bloodstream. The reverse of this is that when you try to stay away from chocolate, you can begin to feel low, have a lack of energy and even feel a bit depressed.

Chocolate Addiction – The Solution

You can overcome your addiction to chocolate! By understanding the way your mind works in relation to certain foods, you can make changes surprisingly easily. The HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis programme can help you to overcome your chocolate addiction and re-train old negative eating behaviours. Find out exactly what happens during the HYPNOBAND programme by clicking here.

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