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binge-eating overeating secret eatingBinge-Eating – Do you find yourself overeating or binge-eating at times? Do you binge-eat secretly or in some way try to hide it or play it down in front of others? Do you try to give the impression of eating normally in front of others? And do you find yourself regularly dieting out of feelings of shame or a dislike of yourself or your body?

What Are The Signs Of Binge-Eating?

Binge-eating is characterised by some of the following behavioursbing-eating overeating facts

  • A feeling that your eating is outside of your control
  • Feeling like as if you are bursting after a meal, uncomfortably (or even painfully) full.
  • Noticing that when you binge-eat, you eat quicker than usual
  • Feeling embarrassed about eating in front of other people
  • Purposefully finding times where you can eat alone so that no-one else will see
  • Eating when you do not feel hungry

Are you concerned that you may recognise yourself in some (or all) of the above descriptions? You may be suffering from binge-eating disorder.

Can Binge-Eating Be Overcome?

The answer is yes. Binge eating can be overcome, however…..healthy food good body image food is just fuel

  • Your first step is to recognise and admit to yourself that you have a problem.
  • Your second step is to go to your GP – do not attempt to self diagnose or assume.
  • Your third step is to get the help of a therapist who is trained in the psychological treatment of emotional problems such as a hypnotherapist. With your commitment to overcome the problem and the expert help of a hypnotherapist, working together, you can overcome the problem and learn to have a healthy relationship with food.

Free Binge-Eating Assessment

I offer a FREE ASSESSMENT where you come along to my office and meet me for approximately one hour. We can chat in complete confidence about your eating problem and I can explain how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can successfully help you to overcome your binge-eating problem and learn a healthy relationship with food again.

When you are ready to arrange your FREE ASSESSMENT, click on the image below NOW

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About Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter is a highly respected Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master EFT Practitioner who was the first person to bring the HYPNOBAND gastric band hypnosis weight loss method to Ireland. He has a keen interest in the area of weight loss having lost a significant amount of weight himself and also because of his keen interest in food and nutrition. Paul is a regular contributor to the Irish Examiner, Cork Independent, and Red FM (Cork)